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What is Farm Roasted Coffee?

Farm Roasted Coffee is based on the idea that honest farming can harmonize a community with its environment.

We started our journey to fix what is missing in the coffee industry and to shift the narrative to the honest farming practices of agroforestry, companion cropping, and basic composting.

Sustainable Colombian Coffee

Finca Silencio is located in the heart of Colombia’s coffee-growing region at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level. Surrounded by a strong farming community that mutually grows and advances with each bag of coffee sold.

Our coffee is handpicked and processed with care. So much care that we do not even let the coffee leave the farm until it is packaged and ready to ship. We oversee each step of the coffee process on our farm so we can proudly say that our farm roasted coffee is the freshest and most traceable coffee on the market!

medium roasted coffee


We also carry organic teas and infusions. Our yaupon, a naturally caffeinated herbal infusion, is harvested seasonally on our East Texas farm.

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