Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee Health Benefits

Is Coffee Good For You?

Several scientific studies indicate that coffee, taken in moderate amounts, has significant health benefits!

Coffee and Cancer

Now onto another important topic: coffee and health. It’s not just a tasty beverage, for those who drink it on a regular basis. Rather, some compounds found in coffee have been shown to fight cancer cells and metastasis (the spread of cancer). The research suggests that these compounds may be helpful in preventing or slowing 

the growth of certain types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, pancreatic cancer, and liver cancer

These cancer-fighting antioxidants found in coffee include- Caffeine, trigonelline, diterpenes, polyphenol ester, and chlorogenic acid. Antioxidants fight cancer by attacking cancerous cells and preventing cancerous cell reproduction.

What generates interest from the medical community that looks for alternative therapies compared to conventional treatments that are highly aggressive within the body.

Coffee and Bone Health

Coffee can help build stronger bones and assist in preventing osteoporosis. 

Various studies focused on coffee and bone health have shown a positive link between coffee consumption and healthy bones.

 In each study, those who drank coffee had a higher bone mineral density than those who did not (and in many cases, the effect was quite substantial).

Coffee and Gout

Coffee reduces uric acid levels naturally. Coffee consumption decreases the probability of suffering from gout is by a whopping 50%!

Coffee also helps fight asthma and improve mood and mental health. 

By dilating the bronchi and favoring the free and moderate passage of oxygen, and acts on neurotransmitters to release endorphins and dopamine, two essential substances to counteract depression, improving mood and motivation. 

Coffee and Obesity

Coffee has a positive effect on altering body fat composition. This stimulating effect is due to caffeine’s ability to generate brown adipose tissue, also known as brown fat, in the body. 

Coffee can change the amount and type of fat in your body. White fat, the kind coffee softens and prevents, is not so soft and cushy as we would like to think it is. White fat is quite harmful to us and is associated with heart disease and diabetes.

The importance of brown body fat in the body is to generate body heat by burning sugar and fat in response to cold. People with a lower BMI have more brown fat; On the other hand, we have white fat resulting from storing excess calories.

 Coffee and Liver Disease

A European health study was conducted to examine coffee’s impact on liver diseased patience found that moderate coffee consumption had a positive impact on the patient mortality rates. 

 The study had a sample pool of more than 500 thousand people over the age of 35. In the study, the patients from 10 European countries were analyzed. This study found a correlation between the positive effects of coffee consumption and the risk of mortality due to liver diseases. In short, this study shows us that drinking coffee is good for you!

Italian Coffee Study

Another study that highlights the positive health benefits of moderate coffee consumption, directed by Italian researchers, concluded that consuming three or more cups of coffee a day in an Italian coffee maker reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 50%

 This method of preparing coffee is unfiltered and uses high water pressure and high water temperature. This Italian coffee brewing method is different in that it helps extract a higher concentration of bioactive substances that benefit the body.

Coffee Health Studies and Ethnicity

In another study of 200,000 African Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians, Japanese, and Latinas, researchers found that coffee increases longevity in various races. Facts confirmed by an analysis where the conclusion was that it does reduce the risk of premature mortality by 20% in men and 10% in women.

Coffee and Brain Health

Coffee favors our brain, being it is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, and fluoride, which is why it helps the excellent performance of the mind and memory.

How much coffee should we drink daily?

According to a study published in 2019, the ideal consumption of coffee should be moderate between 3 and 5 cups per day. These amounts allow you to benefit from the properties of coffee without running the risk of excessive consumption.

On a day-by-day basis, we should not exceed 700 milligrams of caffeine. To get an idea by type of coffee drink, these are the doses that each type of drink brings:


These amounts also change with people with preexisting health conditions. Pregnant women should limit coffee consumption to no more than 2 cups per day as this is within the recommended limit that will not hinder the health or affect the baby’s development.

Another factor that should be considered when measuring the caffeine intake from coffee is the variety of coffee being consumed. Robusta coffee which is used primarily for instant coffees and mixes contains nearly double the caffeine of the more flavorful Arabica coffee.

Finally, the caffeine concentration increases the longer the coffee is in contact with boiling water. That is why each method of preparing the drink will have different levels of caffeine.


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