medium roasted coffee
Farm Roasted Coffee (Medium Roast) Red and Yellow Bourbon Whole Bean Coffee
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    Finca Silencio- Farm Roasted Coffee (Medium Roast)


    Farm Roasted Coffee

    We are active in each stage of the coffee process. We harvest and roast right on our farm, Finca Silencio. Finca Silencio is located in the center of the Eje Cafetero, Colombia’s lush coffee-growing region. Our farm sits 1850 meters above sea level with rich volcanic soil and a diverse mix of plants and native trees that grow in harmony with the coffee.

    The area produces some of the countries finest specialty coffee and since our coffee is roasted right on the farm we are able to guarantee you are getting the freshest beans available! This medium roast coffee is naturally sweet and smooth with a well-balanced acidity. The flavor profile includes black cherry, cinnamon, and vanilla.


    About Our Coffee


    • Castillo and Bourbon varietals
    • Wet method processing
    • 36 hour fermentation period
    • Sun-dried
    • Medium Roast


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