Colombian Medium Roast Coffee From Finca Silencio

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This Colombian medium roast coffee is naturally sweet and smooth with well-balanced acidity and complex flavors. Nuances of black cherry, cinnamon, spiced vanilla, and persimmon are prevalent when drinking. This medium roast Colombian coffee includes two varieties of coffee from Finca Silencio, Castillo coffee, and bourbon coffee. Finca Silencio sits 1850 meters above sea level in the cool Andean high rainforest of Risaralda, Colombia.


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Coffee Beans for Perfect Recipes

 Medium Roast Coffee from Finca Silencio is a medium roast whole bean Colombian coffee grown and harvested on our farm Finca Silencio is made up of Castillo coffee and bourbon coffee varietals.

This coffee has a delicate body that pairs well with everything! Sweet cherry and honey flavors with low acidity and no bitterness make this coffee ideal for coffee cocktail recipes. The blend is perfect for other different recipes, including both baking recipes and coffee dessert recipes.  It is truly a versatile kitchen companion, and every day go to coffee! 

Make Cold Brew At Home 

It is full-flavored without being too strong, making it the go-to cold brew coffee. Use this easy-to-follow cold brew recipe guide and make the best at-home cold brew.

Cold Brew Instructions

Step 1. Course grind 1 cup of our medium roast coffee beans and pour in a mason jar.

Step 2. Add 5 cups of filtered cold water and pour in a mason jar

Step 3. Cover mason jar with cheesecloth and tighten with lid

step 4. Place in the fridge for 14 hours

Step 5. Use the cheesecloth to filter out the coffee grounds and enjoy your cold brew! Pour and serve.

About Our Colombian Medium Roast Coffee

Our Colombian medium roast coffee is a blend of Bourbon and Castillo coffee. Both varieties are grown on Finca Silencio in the high rainforests of Risaralda, Colombia, at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level.

Flavor Profile

 This Colombian medium roast coffee is smooth and easy to drink. At the same time, this blend delivers a complexity of flavors that include nuances of black cherry, persimmon, cinnamon, and spiced vanilla. These flavors link back to Finca Silencio’s high altitude and rich volcanic soil. The region’s coffee-growing climate is known for producing specialty coffee! 

You can notice the coffee’s sweetness right after your first sip! We encourage you first to drink this coffee in its basic form to appreciate the natural sweetness of the coffee fully.

Coffee Varietals In Our Medium Roast Colombian Coffee

Bourbon Coffee

 This variation of C. Arabica originated in Yemen along with Typica. The French attempted three times to cultivate this variety in the island of Bourbon, now called reunion. Bourbon coffee beans shipped to southern Brazil, where they thrived and dispersed the type throughout central and South America. Bourbon coffee was made famous as one of the most desired coffee varieties available, with a propensity to produce fruity, sweet cups while also being highly productive consistently. Bourbon coffee has sub-varieties that can be seen by looking at the color of the cherry. They include red bourbon, yellow bourbon, and pink bourbon. At Finca Silencio, we produce both red and yellow bourbon.

Castillo Coffee

Castillo coffee is a registered Colombian coffee variety. This coffee was made for Colombian coffee growers because it is sustainable and disease-resistant. The variety is tailored to adapt to Colombia’s unique and diverse coffee-growing regions and it is found throughout the country. We grow Castillo Rosario, a sub-variety that is adapted to our specific region in the Eje Cafetero. This adaptability is one of the reasons our medium roast is so well balanced and is naturally sweet.  Since this variety is the perfect match for our microclimate, the coffee cherries can fully develop without interruptions and ripen which creates a sweet cup. The proper ripening of the coffee cherry results in a sweeter cup of coffee!

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4 reviews for Colombian Medium Roast Coffee From Finca Silencio


    WOW! What a find. The aroma of this coffee alone makes me want to get out of bed. This is the smoothest cup of coffee I have come across. If you like great tasting coffee with a nice jolt of caffeine, this is for you. Reasonably priced as well….I will be ordering more.

  2. Johrks Trejos

    Great tasting coffee !

  3. Armani Ramos

    Perfect medium roast with tons of dark fruit and spiced flavors. Highly recommend!

  4. Tom Holcomb

    I drink around 4 to 6 cups a day. A friend gave me a sample of this coffee and I went ahead and ordered some. I drink this coffee everyday and I don’t go out to starbucks as often. This coffee is smooth and I love the taste

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