• Organic Earl grey Loose leaf

    Organic Earl Grey Tea With Lavender


    A Timeless Classic! Our organic Earl Grey tea contains wiry tipped black tea blended with fragrant petals of cut lavender flower, bergamot, and sweet orange, making it the perfect breakfast tea. Relaxing lavender petals will calm and soothe while the aromas of citrus and black tea will awaken and invigorate the mind any hour of the day. This blend is perfect for making London Fog lattes, crafting cocktails, or embellishing desserts and baked goods.

    • Type: Black Tea
    • Ratio: 1 heaping tsp per cup
    • Brewing Time: 3 Minutes
    • Brewing Temp: 203°F
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  • Mango Biche- Green tea blend

    Mango Biche Tea – Tropical Green Tea Blend


    The blend includes a medley of tropical fruits including lulo, pineapple, soursop, and of course mango! This tea can be served both cold or hot.

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  • Sale! Loose leaf Cacao Husk and Coconut black tea

    Coconut + Cacao (Organic Black Tea)


    Our Coconut Cacao Organic Black Tea is smooth, rich and perfect for making a cold brew black tea! It is the perfect morning tea for helping you have a calm and focused day.

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  • Colombian Medium Roast Coffee

    Colombian Medium Roast Coffee From Finca Silencio


    This Colombian medium roast coffee is naturally sweet and smooth with well-balanced acidity and complex flavors. Nuances of black cherry, cinnamon, spiced vanilla, and persimmon are prevalent when drinking. This medium roast Colombian coffee includes two varieties of coffee from Finca Silencio, Castillo coffee, and bourbon coffee. Finca Silencio sits 1850 meters above sea level in the cool Andean high rainforest of Risaralda, Colombia.


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  • Yaupon

    Yaupon Rose


    A caffeinated blend of our hand-picked green yaupon and fragrant rose petals


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  • Organic mint tea with yaupon

    Yaupon Mint


    A reinvigorating, cooling blend of yaupon, peppermint, and lemongrass will keep you feeling refreshed while you focus on the day ahead.

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